The Heart Of A Champion

Have you ever been discouraged but knew exactly what you wanted out of life and how you can accomplish it?

That constant question in the back of your mind asking “what is stopping me?”

The sad part is we always seem to respond to that question with “I don’t know”.

The truth is deep down inside we do know. Sometimes we just need help searching for the root of the issue. With all honestly it starts with your mind.

Your heart is set on what your purpose is in life but your mind may not always corporate. Why is that? Because subconsciously you haven’t fed it what your heart knows you can do.

Think of your heart with purity. Think of it as if it’s gold. Too precious to be careless with it and too valuable to disregard it.

While your mind may feel like giving up, your heart doesn’t. CHAMPIONS DO NOT QUIT!

No matter what happens, no matter what tries to mentally hold you captive, no matter what…nothing is ever too great to tear you down into pieces. You (alone) may not be able to fight your battles but with the Lord, anything is possible through him.

I want to share something I read today:

Strength is built within, if the will to overcome troubles is not there. Then the barriers you create will not fall.

Ask yourself…How strong are you spiritually?

You have the heart of a champion. We all do. Lately I’ve been feeling “stuck”. Picture yourself trying to reach a finish line but your waist is chained to a brick wall keeping you from moving forward. That’s how I felt.

Why? Because subconsciously my mind tried to trail it way back to a old way of thinking. The thinking of “I can’t”. And I stopped working on myself spiritually. But I had to remind myself that I’ve been at a lower point in my life mentally and was able to overcome it.

FAITH is very essential. What are you without it?

So I knew I had to do something to get out of that “funk”. Many of us lack discipline. Not the kind of discipline whereas you don’t have any house manners. But a PROACTIVE type of discipline. Most of us have a habit of reacting to a problem after it has happened instead of creating solutions before the conflict becomes an issue.

Champions don’t allow themselves to be defeated….Champions fight back. Are you a Champion?


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