Potential and Kinetic Energy

Imagination is a way of knowing…Everything you can image is real. It’s real because you just created it in thought form, now it exists as potential.

When I read this comment, I automatically thought back to when I was reading “Secret to Success” by Eric Thomas. He talked about how your imaginations and goals are potential energy and your “movement” (aka actions) ¬†becomes kinetic energy.

As a matter of fact let’s look at a few passage from the book:




As you can see above, Eric Thomas explained his scientific concept of how potential and kinetic energy relates to imagination and movement. The more I thought about what I read, the more I realize how it makes sense. Everything that you imagine in your mind is an idea (potential). However, ideas cannot be executed if the person does not take actions to make them become a reality. So that is when kinetic comes into play.

Pretty interesting huh?

Many of us dream and brainstorm so many different things. Planning and writing them down is good, it’s necessary. But it won’t mean anything if no effort is applied to those ideas that you have. Take massive actions and work, work, work! No need to brag about your ideas, speak it into existence once, twice…maybe three times and get to work. Let your actions speak for your success.

Your potential energy needs to be released! You have envisioned your dreams, now turn it into kinetic energy!

Peace and Humbleness,
~Taneshia S.


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