Literally Live Free!


“You can’t live without breathing but you’re not living if you just exist”

Do something extraordinary!

I want you to think deep about this question…

“What do you live for?”

Some of you or all of you are thinking the same things. Number one being family. There is nothing wrong with living for our family. We are supposed to stick together through thick and thin. But let me ask you again…

“What do YOU LIVE for?”

I want you to think about what your purpose is. Some of you may not know what your purpose is at the moment, that is ok! Sometimes it takes a bit of time along our journey to figure that out. Sometimes we don’t realize how much more there is to life until we finally (truly) open our eyes.

“What do you live for?”

Think about anything you love to do passionately and would die for. That burning desire deep inside your heart. “If you don’t stand for something, you’ll fall for anything”. What you believe in is something no one else can take away from you. Represent an idea that can change this world. Represent your imaginations that pulls you apart from the crowd. Think of solutions instead of problems. We make a habit of responding to situations with more problems instead of solutions. It’s time to change that…

“What do you live for?”

By now you’re probably wondering why I keep repeating that question. It is because I want you to instill it in your brain. I want this question so deep in your mind that it wakes up your internal gears that has stopped working for I don’t know how long.

“What do you live for?”

See your vision…your vision is your purpose in life. If you can’t see your visions yet, it’s time to start searching within yourself. It was already created, you just need to discover it. Some people may not support it but you know what, who cares! It wasn’t meant for others to understand. Some things are only for our eyes and mind to see and shape a future out of. Discover who you truly are and then create a path. If you find yourself walking on a paved path…challenge yourself to walk a narrow one.

Create a legacy! I dare you to spend time getting to know yourself!

So now…let me ask you again…what do you LIVE for?

It’s never too late,
~Taneshia S.


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