The Home of the Broken

I have noticed lately when I set my mind and heart to do something, my main focus is integrity. And because of that, it slows down my progress at times. 

You may wonder, why is that?
Here is why…
When I was growing up, I was told more than once how “Justice is never given when deserved”. Now ask yourself how many people are monetizing things and “selling dreams”? 
It’s nothing personal, just business” They say.
Of course…
So now my mind wonders to those who are broken…not broke. Anyone can become rich and anyone can become poor. What you gain can also be taken away. 
They say it “feels” good when you have it all. I ain’t mad at them, I can agree. But my biggest problem is “The rich keep getting richer and the poor will become poorer”. While many are chasing dreams…do you! I don’t think there is anything wrong with wanting to stand out from the crowd. That is what you should always aim for. 
Whatever happened to humanity? People seem to only care when it’s a gain for them but those who are in NEED gets ignored. SELFISHNESS. Now I’m no longer talking about money…we’ve discussed that already. You can get it and you can lose it…it’s always a way to get it back. 
I feel that a person with integrity has a desire heart that seeks nothing but honesty. It’s too many fabricated stories and false promises made just to manipulate or criticize people, It makes me sick to my stomach.
The home for the broken was meant to help repair those who are still stuck in the darkness. Pain is always temporary. But whether you overcome your storms are up to you. Where’s your faith? Where is your heart? 
Think about it…
~Taneshia S.

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