Feelings = A Touchy Subject


Feelings are the start of everything! 

Not really…

What came to my mind is how “sensitive” this generation(s) have became. Check this out:
  • When something is wrong, a person is in their feelings.
  • When nothing goes your way when you want it to, a person is in their feelings.
  • When love “hurts”, a person is in their feelings.
  • When you’re wrong and instead of being willing to learn, a person is in their feelings.
  • When a person is ignorant, a person is in their feelings.
  • When a typo error is made, a person is in their feelings.
  • When we are betrayed, a person is in their feelings.
  • The list goes on…

People react to circumstances based on their feelings. We all have done that in life. Do you know how bad that can be?

Instead of using what we know and have been disciplined, we just go with what we feel. Sometimes we can’t even trust ourselves to make the right decisions. With that being said, how could you 100% certainly trust your feelings every time?

This is something we battle with everyday and probably don’t even know it. We get stressed, angry, frustrated, depressed, hyper, crazy, lazy, whatever the emotion may be. So we take whatever mood we feel at the moment in response to everything we do for the remaining of the day. It’s like we HAVE to feel something in order to be content with our lives. It shouldn’t be like that.

Have you ever been happy one moment then as soon as you hear bad news, you’re quick to get annoyed or whatever your emotion may be? Yea…me too. That’s exactly what I’m talking about.

We let circumstances hold so much power over our joy!


True happiness cannot be tampered with, especially by emotions!

It kills a humble and peaceful mind to go about your life without yesterday’s (or perhaps today’s) mess dragging you down. Now I’m not saying to be heartless and not express yourself. But simply take into consideration of using wisdom (truth/knowledge) before you act upon your feelings.

What you feel has a lot to do with what you’re thinking. It like being motivated by something that truly inspired me but after it dies off, I’m left with commitment. Your heart doesn’t die simply because you felt some kind of negative way. Your thoughts became the product of how you felt at the time. Emotions don’t always last forever but your joy does.

If you are a follower of Christ like myself, letting Elohim’s word guide you can make your day a lot different. Now days I find myself getting less “emotional” about things and approaching situations with more calmness and patience to actually work it out.

Maybe you’ll notice some differences in the way you respond to things. Be quick to listen and understand instead being quick to reply.

Feelings will put a person in some unnecessary mess! Lol.

Until next time, Y’all be blessed!
~Taneshia S.


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