Insanity! Or Rather Insanely Fit!

Who loves working out??? I love how great it makes me feel after a good workout.

So here’s what happened…I’m one of those type of people who can wake up and feel like the life has been sucked out of me at time (or most times). The reason is due to lack of energy and lack of focus. Those two things alone causes a problem in a lot of categories. For instance, having problems staying consistent, not having the energy to be proactive all day, can’t stay focused or you’re just all over the place doing things, etc..

So here was my challenge, do insanity for the full 60 days. Those of you who have never heard of insanity, check out the video below:

Crazy huh? My mama look at me like “I’m not doing that, my back hurts” Haha.

But anyways, this comes with a 60 day workout schedule and a nutrition guide. My goal for this challenge is to help me discipline myself into a better “focus lane”, determination, better fitness, and most importantly remaining proactive!

Why did I chose to workout in order to accomplish this?

Well I am big on the phrase “Mind, Body and Soul”. If you are good mentally and spiritually but physically inactive? That becomes a problem. All three needs to be connected to get the full benefit of being the best YOU. This is a journey I DECIDED to take.

What challenges are you willing to face?

When doing the same thing over and over no longer uplifts you and take you further, it’s time to do something different. It’s time to find or create new solutions. Work towards it and don’t give up!


No one became great overnight but you damn sure can become great with time. If you made it further than where you started on day 1…that’s progress. Pat yourself on the shoulder, you worked hard for it. Now just keep going! Don’t stop even if you have already made it to the top, there is always room for improvement.

During the workouts, I would tell myself “I can do it!” “I’m not a quitter” “I am a winner!”. When I feel like it’s too much, I would say “You don’t want it bad enough, why you stop?” “Quit being a punk, keep going!” (Haha! Gotta keep yourself hyped) Keep pushing and keep talking to yourself. May sound a lil crazy doing so but hey it helps. Lol.

To be a winner, you have to think like a winner and do what a winner does. Your only challenge is to be better than you were yesterday.

You are a champion 🙂
~Taneshia S.


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