Let’s Be Honest…

lets-be-honest-w5atpcnv-266645-500-398Ok so here’s what I want to get out to people. Warning…If you are someone who DO NOT have an open mind to greater possibilities that everyone have a chance at or is easily offended because you can’t handle the truth, then this is not for you. 

This is for those of you who are curious and can accept truth and is willing to learn in order to move forward.

I want to talk about personal development. Why? Because it matters.

Let’s answer a few questions:

You can either write this down (which I would recommend you do) or think about it in your mind and let it slip away after a while. Your choice, just be 100% honest with yourself.

  1. What kind of lifestyle do I want?
  2. Why do I want this kind of lifestyle?
  3. If I lost my job today or am not currently not working, what is my next step towards generating sustainable incomes?
  4. (If you haven’t already listed them) What are my goals?
  5. When do I want to achieve these goals?
  6. What could be a factor holding me back from achieving these goals?
  7. Do I want to create a legacy?
  8. (If yes…) How can my legacy make a difference?

Write your answers down. I recommend doing so because having a visual image of how you see yourself seems to register to your brain a lot better. Sometimes we get caught up in the moment of thinking about these things then a few days later we push it in the back of our minds and continue to let excuses stop us from living in our greatness.

Excuses, Self Denial and whatever else that has absolutely no positive influence are the biggest setbacks. It’s time to change your mindset. It’s time to start being who you were created to be. Dig into your heart, dig into your mind, dig into your soul and LIVE your greatness.

Turn off the TV more often and read a book. 

Listen to some inspiring audios. 
Log off the social medias every now and then, experience life and have some REAL FUN! Lol
Give back to the community. 
Discover other hobbies that you might like. 
Forgive those who have done you wrong and ask for forgiveness for your wrongs (having a peace of mind is very essential). 
Exercise and explore some tasty, delicious healthy foods!
Take a trip somewhere you’ve never been before (even if it’s town not far from your own. Some people really don’t go beyond their “comfort zone”). 
Learn from others and become a leader for others. 
Get out the house and go interact with family and friends and meet new people! Being “lonely” is not hereditary, it’s a choice. Some people are still walking around saying “No new friends” but some of those “friends” they currently have don’t even TRY to do anything with their lives. There is a saying that you are a reflection of the top 5 people you hang around/talk to on a daily basis. 
Most importantly, be YOURSELF…Be who you are and not what other people say you are. 

The purpose is get experience outside of what you are always used to (aka your comfort zone). If what you’re currently doing is not producing the results you are aiming for, it’s time to start doing something different.

So think about those 8 questions you answered earlier, read them everyday if that helps. This can help keep you in your “Focus lane”. Each day should be a challenge to be better than you were yesterday. Your only competition is yourself, everyone wasn’t made to do the same stuff. At the end of the day, it’s the choices you make that will determine where you’re heading in life. It’s all about growing through life.

I hope this message helped someone. One Love & Stay Blessed!

~Taneshia S.


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