Out Of Sight, Out Of Mind

I have a high level of respect for people like Tyrese Gibson, Brenden Dilley and many more. But lately these two guys have caught my attention more often.

By the way Check out their books:

  • “How To Get Out Of Your Way” by Tyrese Gibson
  • “Still Breathin’ The Wisdom & Teaching Of A Perfectly Flawed Man” by Brenden Dilley


I have already purchased both books on kindle. Although I prefer the physical book, I was not going to wait 2-3 weeks just to get my books (lol). I am currently reading “Still Breathin” and I must say so far it is a very thought-provoking book. Next I will be reading Tyrese’s book.

Today I want to share a video from Tyrese about Pride and Ego. This man has no filter so that is a warning if you are sensitive to profanity. However, he keeps it 100 percent real with his audience and I can respect that. Tyrese tells people what they NEED to hear and not the sugar coated version of what people want to hear.

Ok, enough talking…Let’s watch the video 🙂

Remember…think about something of things he said before you are quick to react upon negativity (if you “felt” some type of way about this video). Yah Bless!
~Taneshia S.


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