What Does Success Means To You?


A lot of people define things in so many different ways according to their perspective. There is no right or wrong answer. I simply just want people to see how do other people look at success. So I asked a few people I know to define success from their perspective.

I’ll start with my definition of success…

“Success is having the ability to represent an idea and representing possibilities that can be implemented into people’s lives. It’s something that creates a foundation that can live on even after I’m gone.”

Nigel Evan’s definition of success:

“Honestly my idea of being successful is when I’m going around the world talking with people and inspiring them to be better and want more out of life. Success isn’t money nor fame because I don’t want either, I’m too humble for that. But success to me is seeing true change within the world. If I can walk in any room and change some lives then therefore I’m successful.”

Jamar Goodman’s definition of success:

“Success means that when you have put all your heart, all your effort into something and when it’s all said and done, you become a better person afterwards one way or another.”

Phillip Spence’s definition of success:

“I think being successful is about going out in the world and do something big. Something you’re really good at by showing your true potential. In my opinion, nobody really define success in the right way. True success isn’t about what you buy or drive or what your body looks like. You can’t expect to have your success with money or popularity. You need to invest your success with true talent and passion to make a positive change in the world.

As for me, I want to become successful and reveal my true passion into business. I have a strong sense of creativity and great taste in fashion, so I combined all of these and started my clothing line. Keep in mind that I want to show my clothing line as more meaningful to people, who can express fully in their own ways, instead just putting the clothes on their body. We can express ourselves by tuning up to the loudest volume through our talents, career, relationships, hobbies, or anything by revolutionizing and taking control of our own lives. Go on and live to the loudest as possible!”

Nate O’Bryant’s definition of success:

“Success mean helping the world believe in their dreams”

Chase Bam’s definition of success:

“Success is progressive actualization of a worthy ideal.”

William Witherspoon’s definition of success:

“My idea of success is simple with a slight complex side. Success is simply a mission accomplished, the mission being achieving what you need and some of what you want to achieve out of life, this making “success” mans biggest goal/accomplishment. Basically it is meeting your destiny, doing what you were meant to do in this lifetime, acquiring what you need to acquire (knowledge, wisdom, humility, moral value, things of that sort), accomplishing personal goals and thats not just obtaining materialistic stuff, but also getting to the level one wants to be at OVERALL.

To sum it all up, my idea of success is happiness; being happy with all ive achieved, happy with all ive obtained, happy with who’s in my life, happy to share my knowledge and wisdom with others, and when its my time to go, being happy enough to pat myself on the back and say “you’ve lived a good life”.”

I’m Going To Make It No Matter What…

Nelson Mandela had to say to himself each day of the twenty-seven and a half years he was in prison. I’m going to make it no matter what.

Maya Angelou, who was a rape victim and physically abused and became a teenage mother at sixteen, had to say. I’m going to make it no matter what.

Dan Jensen had to say after his sister died and he fell time and time again in front of millions of people. I’m going to make it no matter what

Walt Disney had to say after he filled bankruptcy seven times and suffered two nervous breakdowns. I’m going to make it no matter what.

J.C Penny was 7 million in debt and committed to a mental institution. He always said I’m going to make it no matter what.

Tyler Perry: The actor and director endured hardship before hitting it big. At 28, he was living on the streets of Atlanta perpetually broke. The playwright’s persistence paid off as he built an entertainment empire, gaining critical acclaim and a best friend named Oprah along the way. I’m going to make it no matter what

Morgan Freeman: He wasn’t always so godlike — Freeman literally was a starving artist before he gained fame. I’m going to make it no matter what

Drew Carey: The comedian has a very serious, dark past. He attempted suicide twice — once at 18 and again in his 20s — after battling bouts of depression. Carey enlisted in the Marines after being expelled from college. He also worked as a bank teller and slung pancakes as a Denny’s waiter before making us laugh. I’m going to make it no matter what.

Halle Berry found herself homeless when she was first starting her career in Chicago. She told Reader’s Digest that she is actually grateful for the situation, saying, “It taught me how to take care of myself and that I could live through any situation, even if it meant going to a shelter for a small stint, or living within my means, which were meager.” I’m going to make it no matter what

What were the odds of them making it??

Let the struggles push you into greatness.

(Thanks to Tommy Rodriguez for letting me share the post on “I’m going to make it” You’re awesome man!)

You see success doesn’t necessarily mean material possessions, fame and popularity. People have different perspectives as to how they define the term. What does success means to you?

Have A Blessed Day!
~Taneshia S.


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