Soul Searching

I thought I would share a recent poem I wrote with you guys. I love writing as much as I love living. Life teaches you a lot of things no matter if it’s good or bad. Remember to always keep your head up, Enjoy! 🙂

Soul Searching (Music: No Time Like Now- Utopian Sounds)

I felt like this part of life at this moment is necessary
Because even though two decades might not seem long
Those mistakes have shaped a better me in every way

During some lost days I often found myself digging for something
Anything, anything at all until I realized this song of life is a new coming

Have you ever felt like this world was doing too much?
Or maybe you were so confused and you was looking for answers upon luck?
How about when you looked past all your ignorance and saw the mess?

Soul searching does not always have to be so gloomy
Perhaps it depends on the way you act while waiting
What am I waiting for? A destructive planet hit by a tsunami?

Now decide whether to obey or to act reckless
But how can I be good in the mist of being rebellious

Against the bad unknown because I’ll stand for The Most High no matter what…

Then a sudden change in perspective have changed the way you perceive
This reality is nothing compared to the peace that your spirit receives
Oh man, if only you saw the transition of how I went from lost to believe

The inner growth that spiraled this inner glow just flow
The problems of this world no longer worries your soul

The more you are become spiritually awaken
Just watch your insecurities slowly leaves your consciousness
That bold, fearless person who allows nothing to be shaken
Just remember to never let your heart become vacant
To the sounds and sights of discrete, wisdom comes with being patient

Are you still soul searching? Let’s start from within and innerstand the truth.

~Taneshia S.


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