Motivational Monday? Nah, Reflection Tuesday


Reflection Tuesday?

Uhhh…Yea I made that up, haha. I meant to post something for Monday to get this week started but I didn’t have anything valuable to share.

Sure we can say some common things when it comes to motivation and we all sit here and read it. Then we say “Ok that was encouraging, let’s do it!” OR some may sit there and say “Awesome!” but don’t do anything with that motivation.

But what happens when the motivation fades away? Now what…

Well how about reflecting and learning to “channel” your mind?

Channel my mind? Yes, channel your mind. Now I’m not speaking of getting into the details of neuroscience and brain frequency. Let’s focus on how to control our thoughts and maintaining peace within our mind.

As someone who lives through prayers and mediating, I believe it is firmly necessary to understand how your mind works and having as much control over it as possible. One thing many, if not all, can say is we tend to overthink at times. Our minds work like the Law of Cause and Effect. It is said that for every action there is an equal reaction. Should you ever wonder why your life is going completely opposite of what you envisioned it to be. The cause was your negative state of mind.

Take time to evaluate the effects your actions…

Understanding how to channel your mind will help you balance and produce effective reactions and better results in life. So it is necessary to reflect upon your life every now and then.

Watch this video, I thought it was quite interesting and factual.

Alan Watts spoke some true words. I have in fact experienced this and it has brought me to a better state of serenity. Taking time alone put a lot of things in perspective and directs you to where you truly belong. Dare yourself to discover who you are and take control of your mind.

Until next time…Shalom!
~Taneshia S.


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