Neither Am I



Am I this good person who does no wrong
or am I this righteous person who has been blessed for too long
Flip flop my life and take away the spawns

Denying my crimes is like lying to my mama
But claiming rights is like swearing on my “children”

I’m not a saint or an angel
I’m still a sinner in a whole lot of danger

Could He wipe his wrath on my feet
Then watch them burn in flames as promised deeds
Lost like a sheep just digging for deets
Man whining is for suckas, the gap to peace is wide but I’ll take that leap

Give me my pride!
I’ve worked too hard for this reward
But He said, Humble your strides
I’ll take away everything you have like it was never yours

Forced to look upon self and figure out how to rejuvenate
Or be slapped with a “Do Not Resuscitate”

How can one distinguish good and bad, if truths are lies and lies are truths?
Most importantly…
How can one know themselves, if masks are looked upon as the real you?

What are you?
I’m neither of what they say I Am
I’m only what I discover who Yah Is…

~Taneshia S.


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