Kinks and Curves


The child says “Momma why did you perm my hair?”
Then the mother replies “Baby, your hair wasn’t easy to manage naturally”

Most little girls grow up not remembering the touch of their kinks
Nappy is not a term of disgust, it’s the root of your kins

When one learn the patterns of curves
The way a strand twists and swirls
Or maybe even the way it lures
The fascination of others who stares

Narrow minded see straight hair only as beautiful
Society often look at kinky hair as nappy
Don’t get me wrong, the smooth silkiness can also be flattering

Many just like the style of the crowd
Honey, I don’t do it for the trends
This is Who I Am
So I allow my beauty to express itself loud

The excitement of how the textures turn out
The frustrations of taming a wild mane
The uniquement of our soul still connects us all the same

The enjoyment of sharing with fellow sisters and brotherhood
The patience it took to embrace a new journey
The willingness it took to try something new and stay determined

It’s more than just a head full of hair
It’s the discovery of learning to love oneself enough to acknowledge who Yah created us to be

From head to toe, kinks and curves come in all sizes
There are lots to love and plenty to keep us learning

Embrace it all, you better act like you know

~Taneshia S.


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