Black people. You were NOT Egyptians. You were something GREATER … Gods & Kings #Review

Knowing the truth in history is very important. For the past year I’ve been on a journey of unlearning traditional lies to learning the truth of Elohim, our ancestors and government. Majority of it is not a secret if one stay aware to what is going on. “Black people”…you are more than just skin of color. Discover who you really are. Shalom.

Real News

image“Egyptians are White & Annie is Black. What’s going on with hollywood?” – Chris Rock

The White Privileged’s ancestors learned at the feet of yours. Do no hate them. You are much greater than they. Be proud they learned from you how to walk, after crawling mentally for so long.

A king & queen does not waste energy hating the peasant minded who are beneath them. A king knows he rules OVER peasants.

I do not hate White people. I love them & ALL people of the human race, who I detest are negative spirits in ANY form or color who hate them self & hate life, & hurt innocent dogs and kill them & hurt rare species. I am for peace. Spirits have no race. One love.

Black people who don’t know their own history hate white people & ignorantly blame all White people for the sins of their…

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