Important Habits For Success

Are you hungry for success???

There are a lot of people aiming to make a change in this world and would like to fulfill their purpose.

Well, I have a vision…

That vision is to expand my movement with my team to promote positivity and collaborate with others to build a better community among us people. Too many are out here for power and greed, they get a taste of success and want more but don’t uplift one another. Not everyone is like that but I’ve seen some head in the most self destructing path of wrong doings over success.

You see…

Many aim for goals and don’t have the mindset for it. Many start and quit when they fail instead of trying again using different methods and challenges. The very important foundations we need to educate ourselves on before pushing forward can cost us a road of conflicts and defeats. However, failures does not mean taking a loss. Failures can be viewed in many perspectives but it should always be considered a lesson of what not to do and how to improve it.

I’m sure many of us have wondered what is the secret to success? Honestly, I’ve learned that there is no secret to success. Everything takes hard work, consistency, patience, personal development and self-discipline. The key is never giving up! Those things will fuel the fire to you reaching your goals. If it was too easy, it wasn’t challenging enough, keep growing. Successful people never stop learning even when they have reached their goals.

But aside from that, let’s take a look at this young man, Paul C. Brunson, who wrote a blog post about “20 Habits For Success I Learned From Working With Two Billionaires”.

Paul C. Brunson’s Blog Post

Here’s a sneak peek of the first 10 habits without details:

  1. Invest in Yourself
  2. Be Curious…About Everything
  3. Surround Yourself With “Better” People
  4. Never Eat Alone
  5. Take Responsibilities for Your Losses
  6. Understand the Power of Leverage
  7. Take No Days Off
  8. Focus On Experiences vs Material Possessions
  9. Take Enormous Risks
  10. Don’t Go At It Alone

Curious to what some of these topics are talking about?

Check it out! Paul C. Brunson’s Blog Post

Well worth the time and you might want to take notes too!

Taneshia S.


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