Invisible Injury – Save A Life

Dear Invisible Injury…

Not many can see you and not many can understand the pain and problems it causes. Its hard to explain because invisible injuries have more than one category of health problems.

I bet not a lot of people know that more than 20 million people suffer PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder) in USA? That’s not even including the rest of the world. Do they know the deaf culture are frequently discriminated against because there are not enough support to help them? Or what about those fighting cancer but no one sees the symptoms inside? How about mentally ill people who also get discriminated and most times it prevent them from getting employment? How about the stages of attack/panic that people with extreme anxiety go through? Do they know that many people suffering with mental illness sometimes lead to suicide attempts?

There is more but yet on the outside we look “fine” as the doctors/psychologist tells us. This is not a cause to pity people who have invisible injuries. It’s a support system to help uplift one another to carry on with a strong and positive attitude regardless of their conditions and circumstances. We can be a better person when we don’t feel alone, misunderstood and mistreated. Those who don’t have these issues think its easy to get help for…yet, many don’t have a clue what most of us deal with just to get through the day. I care and the goal to come together with a courageous attitude to inspire one another. You matter just like everyone else.


My fellow supporters, help my partner Anton and I spread awareness with a T-Shirt. Because even when those with invisible injury looks ok, some of us are far from it but are still strong to keep on going. Donations to charity will be given from the money raised and it also allows opportunities to start other projects to help the community.


Want to grab a shirt and support the movement? Go here

Your support would be greatly appreciated, one love!

Shalum ❤
Taneshia S.


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