Monday Motivation!

Okay, so this is about getting your mind in order. We can have all the motivation in the world! But if your mindset is not in line with your visions…You will not get there.

Stop looking for shortcuts. There are no secrets to success!

All it takes to succeed is:

  • Faith (you have to believe even if no one else does. It’s ok to stand out)
  • Patience (nothing happens over night so don’t quit because you don’t see results when you want it)
  • Consistency (It is imperative that if you start something, finish it. Keep working at it)
  • Focus (Don’t let any negativity throw you off your grind. Be Laser Focused!)
  • Passion (Live your life with purpose and doing things you love to do)
  • Determination (Put your heart into it, your character is what matters!)
  • Your WHY (Why do you get up everyday and do what you do? What fuels your passion?)
  • Last but not least…Not Giving Up!

So what does it take to succeed? Hard work and then working smart once you have set your foundation.








I promise if you work on you, your life will get better day by day. I’ve been on this journey for the past 2 years and still growing. It is the most amazing transformation ever. Remember, you attract what you are. The Law of Attraction is powerful, don’t sleep on it! Get in tune mentally, physically and spiritually.

Taneshia S.


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