One of the main problems we have is not taking action because of scarcity. (Just one of the many reasons people DO NOT take actions.) We try to hold on to what little we have until we get more to finally do something about our situations. You want change but you wait until you have whatever you’re “waiting” for to do it. You wait until the “time” is right. You wait until someone else gives you the validation to do it. We hold so tight to what we have and want “Greatness” but not willing to give up “Goodness”.

You will miss many opportunities because you were afraid of believing in it, taking a risk and not giving up until you succeed.

The mentality of “we don’t have enough to go around more than once” need to go. There is plenty for more than one rounds. You have to be willing to give more than you take. The power of gratitude and giving is a concept everyone should be familiar and expressive with.

“You don’t have to be great to get started but you have to get started to be great”

“Anything worth doing is worth doing badly.” ~Les Brown

In other words, anything you don’t know how to do is worth trying over and over until you get it right rather than not putting forth any effort at all. You have to get creative with effort these days. Try until something works and if that don’t succeed then come up with another plan to that same goal.

We live in a time Era where people put their hands out wanting something without putting in the work. Or we only stick to what we know because we fear the unknown.

Don’t you know you are holding yourself hostage? Stop that!

Forget about the “What If”, “But”, “I don’t feel like it”, “I don’t have enough”, “I don’t think that’s a good idea”, “That’s not possible” and go explore life. We can never know how far we can stretch until we take a leap of faith.

Don’t stop and don’t quit. You may get tired of the pain, trails, tears, sweat and blood. But you should never surrender to defeat. If you fail, try again…if you fail again you better had failed better than you did the previous time. Keep going, your time is coming. Use your last if you have to, that’s the beauty of taking risks.

Stop being scared and go get it!


Just the beginning…

~Taneshia S.


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