Strip For Me


If I stood you in front of the ocean and told you to block out the whole world…
Would you?

If I laid you next to the fire place and said let your passions lit in flames…
Would you?

When the night is young and the stars shine as bright as all of your imperfections, You’re even more gorgeous…
Could you believe it?

When your mind is simulated and your words are soulfully connecting my inner desires, You’re so contagious
Could you believe it?

I’m tired of asking questions
Let me tell you what’s underneath of all of those layers
By the end, I’ll have you spilling all of your confessions

First, let your mind run free like you’re the only one here
Envision the space like it’s just you and nature
Inhale the nurturing scent, exhale then let your character show it’s appearance

Next, let’s get rid of your side distractions
Those are ugly and depressing but You…
You’re so raw and beautiful with your energy
I’m almost lured into the pond dripping with your aspirations

Relax your body, relax your muscles, your senses and calm your nerves
That confidence is wild, why are you hiding behind your insecurities?

I want you to drop them all to the floor

Strip out those doubts, they could never match the certainty of your universe
Strip out of those anxieties, you’re so much bolder and stronger
Strip out of the loneliness, your warmth alone is like a lake of roses
Strip out of the negative self image, You are a Goddess, Mmm Mmm…
Strip out of the hatred, your loving soul is so full of kindness and glorious
Strip out of the expectations, embrace your gifts and spread your blessings
Strip out of the fears, it’s an illusion that you have every ounce of control over
Strip out of the anger, It’ll blind you from every opportunity of happiness

Every say so someone else has is irrelevant
As long as you see your worth, they’ll never know what to expect from it

Last but not least…

Release your heart from this cage that is hindering you from being this divine, unique creature you were created to be…

So I can love you like you’re supposed to be loved 😉

AUTHOR’S NOTE: This was written with love and dedication from Queen to Queens. Mirror reflection (perspective). Ladies, love yourself, respect yourself and know your worth. If you have read this I appreciate every second of your time. Hope you enjoyed it, Peace Sista!


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