In Reality, It’s All Up To You…

Lets take a step back and reflect. Today is going to be Reflection Tuesday.

It’s time to break down some problems and talk about some solutions. At the moment, I think you should get real comfortable with thinking and answering yourself truthfully. If that makes you uncomfortable because it’s not something you’re used to doing, then good! Because it’s one thing to be honest with someone else but it seems to be harder to be honest to ourselves.

Many of us have a spark of curiosity. A spark of desire with a fearless approach. A spark of determination. A spark of peace and love to replenish into the world. There is a bit of every positive vibration in your body that lights each molecule aspiring you to be different. To be unique and push forth your purpose into motion.

What am I talking about?

I may be making sense to some of you, I may not be making sense to some of you. How do you perceive things and situations when you pay attention to details that most ignore?

I am digging deep. I encourage you to explore that space every now and then. Don’t just look at the surface of the pool and dip a finger in to test the waters. Dive in and discover the depth of matter. A conscious beyond commonality and a typical storm.

Keep in reminder that it is absolutely ok to be misunderstood…

It’s ok to feel like you have no belonging to society’s standard because spiritually many are still dead. When you’re awake and alive…that is where that spark comes from. The sudden curiosity and eagerness seek what is really real and live in a balanced state of mind.

How do I achieve this level of consciousness?

In a world that is so dark and so keen on resisting any light that tries to shine it’s way in. By light, I mean you. We struggle with maintaining steady tranquility because we’re too busy looking for everything we need in the wrong places. Hence, why many get trapped and believe that, it is what it is.

Life is simple. Yes, SIMPLE! Mind you, I never said easy so hold your defensive mental debates. If anything feels easy in life then dare yourself to be challenged. Never stop growing and never stop learning.

So, simplicity and developing a strong, free mindset takes patience. It takes consistency, effort, time, obstacles, pain, gratitude and everything else life bring to you. Embrace it, don’t think that anything have to be the end if you’re still breathing.

As long as you have some meaningful purpose followed by massive actions. You can expect to have experiences you never thought was real. Don’t get me wrong, bad things are a part of that. What matters in the end is how you have overcome those battles.

That is why you embrace every life lesson you encounter and let it aid you into someone fiercely abstracting from this planet.

Let’s stop here…

I have the tenancy to keep going on and on and on and at this moment I want to share something valuable to your mind. For about 22 minutes of your time. This will definitely be worth your time and a lot of value to learn.

(TVs, sleeping, obnoxious radio stations, media distractions, anything that is not helping you grow…those can wait for about 22 minutes, yea?)

Check out this audio below (for Deaf & HOH people, a transcript of this audio is coming soon!)


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