Unapologetically Black


For centuries people of color have been mistreated and degraded
Slaughtered for land and resources
Cultures have been stripped, manipulated and deflated
The history was ignored and hidden away like gems in caves

Unapologetically Black
Yes, I Am

I seek to learn the roots of my ancestors
I yearn to gather unification in the motherland
We once ruled the planet before evil caused disasters
I support my fellow sistas and brothas
You are Kings and Queens

And so because I love myself in my skin
The melanin of us paints a canvas in a unique spin
I take courage and empowerment in uplifting my kins
…I’m racist?

Some scream “All Lives Matter”
But not every lives get battered
…Like my people of color

Unapologetically Black
Yes, I Am

They instill in your brain to tell your own people
”Go Back To Africa”
…Are you not genetically and historically a part of that foundation?

You mean to tell me you’ve never understood why we are hated and kept down?

You never wondered why greatness from our kind is so strong and powerful?

It’s not wrong to discover self and your creator
But it is wrong to accept that you don’t matter

We forgot that…

A lot has began with Africa
Before people became scattered and segregated
but we weren’t taught that in school

So the ignorance remains censored…

Unapologetically Black
Yes, I Am

My mind and skin is beautiful…

A traditional society taught us to hate our looks
To disregard our physique and love a pretentious image
To lower our standards and trash our values

Label us as monkeys and try to ban our books
Unashamed deaths of the future of our youths
Tarnishing the justice of our community
Destroying peace and provoking anger

My people are frustrated and won’t take anymore!
So it is mandatory that we come together and build together

You pay attention to color
I pay attention to culture and structure
…this isn’t a game

I Am Unapologetically Black…



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