Think Inside The Box

Ok, so I’m well aware that the title itself may have you thinking…

”No, that’s not right, why would you do that?”

But hear me out…

Because as strange as this may sound, in my mind it makes sense (Haha). So let’s see if it would spark some lights in your mind as well.

All of us (or majority of us) have heard the saying, think outside the box. I was always told to think big and bold outside of the box. At first it makes sense, I mean, who the hell would want to be stuck in a box? Some of us might end up feeling claustrophobic (Haha!). Or you may even tie the logic that you cannot innovate your mind in such a confined space. And on some levels that may be true, you can’t…

However, let’s look at this from a different perspective for a moment. I understand that what is about to be said next may confuse some of you or you just may not even agree with it at all. It’s ok, we can agree to disagree and move on.

Supposed you are at a point in your life where you have become awakened in your journey. By awakened I mean that you have become open minded to awareness and abundance outside of the norm. It means that you are a truth seeker and spiritually (not religiously) involved. It means being connected to the inner God within you. It means to have a mind of your own! In other words to sum all of this up, it means complete freedom of life.

So if you are someone who meditates often (and if you don’t, I strongly suggest you do) then you are well aware of the peace and balance that it brings into your world. Meditating is the stillness of your being regardless of the “outside” distractions and deceits.

What am I saying?

The point is how can one truly be authentic with all of the unnecessary clutters surrounding us. That clutter is not meant to help us maintain purity, growth and balance. That’s like thinking outside the box. Your mind gets caught up in the clutter trying to get to the big picture. But we often overlook that everything we need is within the box, within ourselves. All we have to do is discover that purpose and utilize what we already have.

To me, thinking inside the box is like a blank canvas. Usually there is nothing inside the box and it takes a hell of a lot of questions, courage and creativity to turn nothing into something. You need imagination in order to create something. Most people would probably say “Don’t let anyone put you inside a box because they can’t see the bigger picture”.

I totally and completely disagree.

If you were stuck inside of a four by four room with nothing in it, what would you turn it into?

The biggest challenge you would be facing here is being something extraordinary, unique and actually living it. Outside of that room you co-exist in a world that is already crafted. So when you learn to start small and make something out of it, you can do wonders out here!

Who is to say what size your box is? Who is to say how big your universe is? Because honestly, you are not meant for everyone. Some people won’t get you. Some people will misjudge you, mock you, call you crazy and everything else.

But you KNOW Love and you hold peace because anything that is not of your nature does not even bother you. Your life is remarkable and everyone is capable but not everyone is going to be willing to fight like a warrior. Not everyone is going to be willing to be a difference. Not everyone is willing spread love and positivity.

Anyways, is this making sense to you or am I just tripping? (Hahaha!)

Remember: Gratitude and Faith can take you so far. “It’s the small things that makes a big difference”

Taneshia S.


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