Contributing To Life

What are you giving to life?

Let’s be real, there is more to it than just giving and thinking you will get back. That is just the surface of it.

Let’s get deeper into how “The Power of Giving” can benefit all of us…

I want you to take this moment to think about who, what and where are you spending your time.

This crucial because what you put out into the universe is what you will get back. Ever heard that saying before? So yes, shouldn’t you be mindful of how you are giving your time, to whom are you giving your time and where are you spending your time?

Time is an investment. A priceless and yet a very expensive investment, if you catch my drift. If not, I’ll explain why…

Time is priceless, in actuality time is initially given to you free of cost. Yea, yea, I know…”but you pay people for their time to do such as such thing”, “Time is money” and so on. Right now, we’re talking about time of nature. Everyday you wake up, you are blessed with time to make something out of your day. Right?

On the other hand, time is expensive because once it’s gone, you cannot get it back. A waste of time is a waste of life. Your life and everybody else’s is valuable in some sort of way. Not using your time for something beneficial whether that’s improving yourself, your life, helping those around you, helping towards building a better community, inspiring others to spread positivity, etc…

It shouldn’t be wasted but rather cherished. Lately, I have found myself being very stingy and aware of my time investment. And none of it is done out of spite but simply because I’ve recently discovered my purpose. That purpose started a mission as to WHY I grind. And if you know like I know, I would like to be a positive influence in this world some way.

Lastly, I want to mention Les Brown because he was the inspiration for making this post when I was listening to one of his speeches. He made a definite point about contributing to other people or projects. Here is a short transcript of what he said and I will include the video of where I got it from if you wish to listen to the full 30 minute speech.

{Start of Transcript}

Les Brown:

“I had to give a political presentation to a group there who were trying to organize a community to begin to revitalize that particular community. And the guy was telling me very proud as we were walking through a housing project, that the city is about to give $65 million to renovate these housing projects.

I said, “What a waste…”
He said, “Why would you say that?”
I said, “Let me ask you something”

And the person that was standing next to him,

I said, “Do you live in this building?”
He said, “yes”
I said, “How many families live here?”
He said, “Six families”
I said, “We walk in the building and you can smell the scent of urine. Does it take a genius to go down to the store perhaps sacrifice buying three packs of cigarettes and buy a towel, soap and water and come back here and wash this scent away? Does it take a genius to get some paint and paint over the graffiti or repair the mailbox? Does it take a genius for that? I say to you and you pour the money into these housing projects and you don’t change the people who are living in the project before you’re completed, they’ll be right back to where they were before.”

*Skips a part*

“People need to be given the opportunity to contribute and invest in life and then life is appreciate. But if we just give, you don’t want to just give, you want to get the people who are out there struggling and making it and trying to make an impact on the universe. I’d rather give to a man who is already doing it than somebody out there doing nothing and then say “Man why don’t you get up and go do something?”. Hey listen, if you have to go out and get them up, you will have to do that for the rest of your life.”

{End of Short Transcript}

What message did you get from that part of his speech?

I totally understand where Les Brown is coming from when he told the guy that the city were wasting money on the housing projects. You can give a tired, worn out person a glass of water but you can’t make them drink it. You can pay for a group of kids to go to college for 4 years but you can’t make them graduate. You can give the homeless some money and advise them to taking the first steps to getting off the streets but you can’t make them do it.

We have to help one another become better educated on how to make a difference and maintain the difference before you invest in it. A changed mindset will make life much more appreciated and people would work in unification more frequently.

If you had a slight thought that “Well, it takes money to do these things” or whatever excuses you come up with…I only have 3 words for you, Make Yourself Resourceful. We live in a time where information is all around us about almost everything you could possibly think of. Get creative and find better solutions. Use the passions/skills you already have and elevate from that.

I can go on and on (Haha!) but this is get too long and I hope those of you who are reading this have received some sort of insight about “The Power of Giving”. I appreciate your time and as promised, the full 30 minutes speech that Les Brown gave is below. Enjoy!

Taneshia S.


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