How To Make Money???

First off, I’m going to start this post by saying and then show you a picture later. The saying goes, “Options are limitless”.

When you are down and out of a job, struggling to make a few bucks just so you can “get by”, what are your next options?

Have you thought further than a job? And by job I mean one of those traditional, you need to fill out an application, send in a resume, hope you get called for an interview and then hope you aced the interview and get the job.

I have been on this topic for the last week as I, myself, have been putting my passions and skills on the back burner for a min wage job when I know I am worth much more than these places can afford to keep me. (Bare with me, my sentences are just ranting lol)

There are a lot of you out here facing the same situations. You have skills, talents and knowledge to take you places in life. But became so caught up in life that you subconsciously settle for less.

If money is your issue then understand that…

You can attract money easily. It comes and it goes so you’re never really broke if you know how to create more. Keep that in mind. Anyone can be a millionaire these days, it’s really no reason why poverty should still exist. WE can literally eliminate it overnight if it wasn’t for greed and hate but anyways. Due to lack of knowledge and fear…it hinders people from experiencing freedom and nature at it’s best. It’s a mindset thing. Just like everything else in relevance to wealth as a whole (mentally, spiritually and physically).

You have to think abundance in order to grow abundance. Thinking abundance includes EDUCATING yourself and MASTERING the practices that applies to your life.

So, as I stated in the beginning of this post, “Options are limitless”. I randomly came across this man’s post on Facebook.










Let’s make the list a little longer shall we?

If you’re good at taking photos (Be a Photographer)
If you’re good at writing (Freelance Writer)
If you’re interested in wall street (Trade Stock/Forex Market)
If you are a handy person (Mechanics, Construction, Anything relating to building or fixing something)
If you are an artist (Brand yourself & Sell your art works)
If you have culinary skills (Be a chef or even open your own restaurant)

There are tons of ideas and creative methods to make a living. I can’t stress this enough, make yourself resourceful of the resources around you.

For Instance, You have:

  • YouTube
  • Google
  • Libraries
  • Conferences/Seminars
  • Inc Magazines
  • Experts (aka Gurus) in your field of interests (Go network with these people)
  • Non-Credited Programs/Courses at community colleges to gain or enhance your skills
  • And much more!

So what is the definition of life to you? Because I could have sworn we aren’t here in this present life to live in so much distress…

Let’s Elevate Higher, Namaste ❤️
Taneshia S.


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