Karma, You Baddd Mutha…

**FAIR WARNING: This Post Isn’t For Everyone!**

With that being said…

Keep this in mind, “What I put into the Universe, Everything that I AM comes back to me”

Got it? Okay, Let’s exchange vibrations of Tranquility!

It is important to maintain a balance of oneself. Otherwise, we will become lost among the stars in the sky. I’m not saying that to make this sound good. There is a point to this before I jump further into a topic we are all familiar with, Karma.

To understand this is to separate your spirit from everything that is not of higher consciousness (or to most people, God Like). We either forgot or didn’t know that our body is simply just a vehicle and are often times absent from present. For the moment, can we get through this with an open mind and in presence?

Damian Marley Quote

We have to keep in mind that our body is a vehicle. Our spirits are visitors, passing through this life we’re currently living. We are not our bodies but it is ours.

So is karma good, bad or neutral?

You may say bad, good or it depends on what you did. Karma is what you make it. As everything else is, it all starts the mind. You have the choice to step into darkness, light, remain neutral or even balance all three.

…Well, what about if the person is good but bad things still happen to them anyways?

Let me ask you this, Have you ever thought about how unconscious and subconscious behaviors and habits contribute towards sabotaging ourselves? No really, we are our own worst enemies and most of the time we aren’t aware of it. We cannot always control what others do or current events but we can certainly control the direction of our outcome.

By that…I mean your reactions, your emotional state, your psychological mindset, etc…

The tricky part to mastering this is beyond mind blown once you understand and are able to tap into your universal powers. Along this journey that I have been on for the past 2 years have taught me more than I’ve known most of my life. We were literally born with everything we could ever need to experience this life a way we were meant to. So what is the problem?

You haven’t acknowledged, accepted and became consciously aware of time and space in which you travel though life. As time goes on, people go through experiences that are caused by oneself and sometimes others. Karma plays a role in that as well. Physically, Mentally and Spiritually what you put out is what you get back.

Just be Mindful…
Taneshia S.


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