The Realest Moment…

This morning I woke up around 5am and meditated before working on some goals for the day. So, after a couple of hours, I took a snack break and opened up YouTube. And we all know how that goes, one video leads to watching another and another, haha. But the videos I was watching was in relevance to people, relationships, careers, lifestyles we desire, etc… Suddenly, I stopped what I was doing when something snapped in my head.

As a spirit who has been on this awakened journey over the past two years. I have experienced, seen and heard a lot. Not just as a human being but also as a spiritual being (not religious).

The biggest question that hit me is why are so many of us lost?

Because honestly if you’re spiritually dead, you’re not truly living. We just get up and chase things we desire giving it a sense of hope and happiness. Only to find in the end, we are still missing something. And this is causing so much self-destruction, people aren’t even aware that they are causing damage to oneself. When we are destroying ourselves, we destroy everything around us. Hence, adding on top of an already destructive world.

We’re fighting a war here and its so much bigger than nuclear bombs, so-called terrorism and such. I’m speaking of a mental warfare and a spiritual warfare.

Have you ever took a moment to live for every second without looking at time?
Without being distracted with the internet and medias?
Without thinking back to the past or looking ahead in the future?
Without rushing because you keep a whole list of to-do tasks in your head?
Without feeding into greed and hate and adding to mass havoc that already exist?

Have you took the time to be still and observe?
To question things that people don’t think about? (Let’s be honest, common sense isn’t so common these days)
To separate yourself and figure out why are you the way you are?
To be a solution instead of the problem?
To seek truth that most are afraid to speak on or even acknowledge?

Go ahead and blame it on society, just remember that we ARE the society. And the majority are still asleep! I may be wasting my time talking about this because some will think it’s crazy, don’t care or whatever reason that disconnects you from reality.

We are so caught up in illusions that some of you believe lies are the truth and the truth are lies. Or too busy trying to be everybody else that you don’t even know who you are. We depend on a group of people to run things for us because we don’t use our intelligence and skills to do it ourselves. I include myself in the mass because we are all one. No matter how I do things differently to encourage strength and teach one another…it still “feels” like failure when we can’t come together and build up. CONSISTENTLY. It’s easy to create small communities working towards good change. But it’s not always consistent.

So many of us are walking around like zombies. Literally…

You’re so disconnected from yourself spiritually that you block yourself from emotions (Thinking that you’re preventing yourself from getting hurt when you’re actually hurting yourself even more). Don’t critically use your brain to prevent mind control from outside influences. You think money is everything and don’t even realize all of what we need is actually free. You have to put a label on yourself. You allow your past or future take over your present. You allow hate to cloud over love. You drag one another down instead of uplifting each other. Take the pettiest little thing and make it so big. Don’t like accountability. Can’t forgive and move on. Assumptions & drama. Allow traumatic events to turn you into a victim for life. Settling for less when you are worth so much more. Listen, I can go on and on about the things I have became aware of.

We dwell on problems and don’t think there is a cure for it. No, you can’t change what had happened. It’s done and over with but are you going to continue to allow yourself to live there for the rest of your life? You can’t whine and argue about change if you don’t move forward either. Shoot, some of you don’t want change because you’re so comfortable and have accepted that your experiences is who you are. It’s not…

You can’t fight back if you’re lost, we have to wake up…The light is still there even in darkness. Pick your head up, evaluate yourself (who we are sets an example to others…don’t think so? Pay attention to our youths and ask yourself why are they the way they are), focus on NOW, find balance, improve your health and last but not least, free your mind.

I’m not here to throw judgements but sometimes the truth hurts. My only mission is to bring awareness and with awareness we can grow and do better.

Namaste ❤️
Taneshia S.


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