New Year Resolutions…Seriously???

It’s about that time of the year!!!

Leaving behind the old year and going into a new one. Who’s ready?!

I know I am because 2015 have been a long, draining but yet life changing year. And you know what? I don’t regret anything at all. I am so ready to tackle 2016 down! What resolutions should I make next???

Hmm, Maybe I should:








I wasn’t kidding when I said “2015 have been a long, draining but yet life changing year” but I was kidding when I said “What resolutions should I make next”. These same statements that almost everybody claims and don’t stick by after 2 months of starting. You can’t be an executor and not be a finisher too. You can dream big all you want but won’t see the rewards if you don’t take actions.

Sometimes we dream so big that we get stuck on where to start and end up not accomplishing anything. Some of us are still stuck on the same “resolutions” we said we would do 5 years ago. And every year comes by and you have yet to accomplish the goal. Why?

Here’s something to consider right now before 2016 (Why wait?)…stop hoping and start taking baby steps. To hope is to wish and it is not guaranteed that whatever you’re hoping for will come true. That’s like asking for something and then sitting around waiting for it to magically appear without doing anything. And I’ll tell you myself, if that is how you’re going about it, it ain’t coming…

“Faith without work is dead”…right?

The universe and nature work in accordance to what you put out. So it would make sense that if you dream big, break down that vision into small achievable steps. Progression is the key to navigating through life.

You cannot move forward in anything if you do not mentally prepare and discipline yourself for whatever comes your way. It’s a challenge because each one of us maintains at a certain balance of peace and harmony. It liberates us from any parasites that keeps us mentally incarcerated. That can be any form of distractions and manipulations that aim to alter your natural being. A lot of times this happens without you being aware of it. For instance, television can give a false sense of reality but people find themselves wanting to be what they see on TV. What goes in, comes out.

But anyways, back on topic…

Create a game plan and stick to it! Then set a time frame for it…

No more new years resolutions or the whole “New Year, New Me” crap. Cut that out! Figure out what your purpose is.

Make a habit of getting your small goals done in 30 to 90 days. Then restart the cycle with the next goal. This helps in reaching your long term goals more efficiently.

What are you passionate about doing?
How would you like to better yourself?
What changes would you like to see in this world? (It takes being the change to make a change)

Then take that and break it down into smaller steps. It’s the little things that makes the biggest difference. Be faithful over a few things and let it grow. Re-evaluate yourself and change some habits to take your progress to the next level.

Change = Sacrifices (good ones)

But sacrifice comes with greater abundance!

If it’s a priority, you would start now and not later.


Last but not least…take it one day and little things at a time. You can’t live for tomorrow without living for today first. Take care of yourself.

Know Thy Self And Get To Work!

My Fellow Gods and Goddesses ❤️


3 thoughts on “New Year Resolutions…Seriously???

    1. I agree! At one point in life, we all have went through this. Sometimes it work and sometimes it doesn’t. The best way to tackle these goals is in small steps and within a short time frame. I find that it help keep you focus when you have a “deadline” and keeps your priorities on track. Thanks for reading!

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