There Is Power In Influence

Hey Hey! How are you?!

As each day continues to move forward I would hope you are as well. Don’t settle for less and always aim for more. This is a slight reminder that your past is exactly what it is…the past. I can only expect that you have learned something from it whether it was a lesson or an accomplishment. We can look so far and deep into the future as much as we want but it will never come if we overlook the present.

The tricky part about the present is taking control of “NOW” and making something out of it. I know a lot of people are struggling, hurting, stuck in situations they want out of, etc…

Listen, you have control over that. Yes, you do. Every second of the day you are making choices in life (subconsciously and consciously). And almost every choice you make right now somehow affects your future. If you woke today, give gratitude because there are some people who didn’t make it. Bash in the moment and meditate, it’s good for your overall wellness. And now start making better choices to improve your life.

I would usually say it’s now or never. But every giving day is another opportunity to do what you could have done yesterday. And if an opportunity of a lifetime was taken for granted (missed) then keep working. No excuses! There are plenty of other opportunities to explore. I guess later is better than never, right?

Gratification and Appreciation is important in life! Remember that…

Let’s dig into a brief discussion about The Power of Influence. Each day I take more notice of small things than I have prior to my twenties. (I’ll be 25 this year, I’m not that old yet, haha) I thought about what made me do the things I have done. By no doubt, influence plays a huge role in a lot of the accomplishments and mistakes I’ve had in my life thus far.

We all have dreams and visions and imaginations of making this world better someway and somehow. What inspired you?

In order for any of us to accomplish our missions, we must first become. How can you show influence of something you have yet to be yourself? True authenticity these days are starting to become rare as many people are living “pretentious” lives.

Just keep in mind that it takes a village to raise our youths. What we do in life is mimicked via our youths. All of us are students and teachers in life. Bring your visions into play by first helping yourself. This was a hard lesson I had to learn. We cannot help others until we start helping ourselves. Consider it an investment.

Let’s bring back the true nature within us and live as we are. It takes everything to be something you’re not but it’s priceless and worthwhile to just be you.

Be an example of the influence you want to make. We have to keep evolving because the only way to go is UP!


Namaste ❤️
Taneshia S.


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