You Owe You!!!

It’s not Monday but Thank God it’s Wednesday!!! I’m going to keep my comments really short because what I’m about to share with you all is so much powerful than what I can tell you at the moment. This message is coming from a man I listen to everyday to get my day started aside … More You Owe You!!!


One of the main problems we have is not taking action because of scarcity. (Just one of the many reasons people DO NOT take actions.) We try to hold on to what little we have until we get more to finally do something about our situations. You want change but you wait until you have … More Scarcity

Monday Motivation!

Okay, so this is about getting your mind in order. We can have all the motivation in the world! But if your mindset is not in line with your visions…You will not get there. Stop looking for shortcuts. There are no secrets to success! All it takes to succeed is: Faith (you have to believe … More Monday Motivation!

You have TO BE!

This is a time whereas we need to raise our level of awareness. Everyone wants something in life. Everyone wants happiness, wealth or a good relationship, to be more like Christ, to be mentally and physically in peace, etc… There is something that every being on this planet wants but less than 50% will actually … More You have TO BE!

Keep Your Head Up!

Motivation Monday! You have to keep yourself in reminder of these things. It’s the little things that will take you further than where you are now. Get motivated, stay focused, learn from your lessons and most importantly keep walking forward with your head held high! The only person who can hold you back is the … More Keep Your Head Up!