Unapologetically Black

For centuries people of color have been mistreated and degraded Slaughtered for land and resources Cultures have been stripped, manipulated and deflated The history was ignored and hidden away like gems in caves Unapologetically Black Yes, I Am I seek to learn the roots of my ancestors I yearn to gather unification in the motherland … More Unapologetically Black

Strip For Me

If I stood you in front of the ocean and told you to block out the whole world… Would you? If I laid you next to the fire place and said let your passions lit in flames… Would you? When the night is young and the stars shine as bright as all of your imperfections, … More Strip For Me

Kinks and Curves

The child says “Momma why did you perm my hair?” Then the mother replies “Baby, your hair wasn’t easy to manage naturally” Most little girls grow up not remembering the touch of their kinks Nappy is not a term of disgust, it’s the root of your kins When one learn the patterns of curves The … More Kinks and Curves

Neither Am I

  Am I this good person who does no wrong or am I this righteous person who has been blessed for too long Flip flop my life and take away the spawns Denying my crimes is like lying to my mama But claiming rights is like swearing on my “children” I’m not a saint or … More Neither Am I

Soul Searching

I thought I would share a recent poem I wrote with you guys. I love writing as much as I love living. Life teaches you a lot of things no matter if it’s good or bad. Remember to always keep your head up, Enjoy! 🙂 Soul Searching (Music: No Time Like Now- Utopian Sounds) I … More Soul Searching